Review : The food processors recomendation

Why buy?

A food processor is like having an assistant in the kitchen. It can chop, grate and slice in file time. But it can also aid with a selection of other responsibilities, from creating mayonnaise to flaky pastry. Its principal perform is to help save you time – chopping carrots and onions for a chilli will take you considerably less than thirty seconds.

What should I buy?

This relies upon on how much spare work floor you’ve obtained as to get the complete benefit of a gadget like this you require it out of the cabinet and all set to use all the time. Usually, I would say get the biggest machine you can find the money for as numerous appear with a mini bowl for scaled-down work, like chopping an onion. Nevertheless, do bear in mind that the greater the machine the larger the quantity of attachments you are going to get with it and these require to get stored. These are inclined to appear in a storage box but still consider up room so appear at this when buying.

What we looked for:

Fast to set collectively: Processors are misleading, they search genuinely simple to put jointly but in truth with some versions you need a degree and 4 hours with an instruction book to make sense of what goes exactly where! The final 5 I picked have been fast to assemble and dissemble for cleansing.

Attachments: The quantity of attachments offered will vary according to operation and model. But some arrive with almost everything from shredding blades to citrus presses and integrated liquidisers. I wanted attachments that carry out effectively, are valuable and don’t take up valuable place.

Electrical power: A food processor’s capacity to chomp its way through the task is calculated in watts. The far more watts a unit functions, the more power it will have to provide – ranging from about 600W to in excess of 1000W. I seemed for several velocity options to match the foodstuff I was processing and a pulse choice to give far more manage.

Our  food processors recomendation…

Cuisinart mini food processor

With a 900ml jug, this has a single of the premier capacities of mini meals processors examined, but it will not take up also a lot space on your worktop. You only get one particular blade, which is sharp on one aspect for chopping and pureeing (the texture of my houmous was spot on) and blunt on the other for grinding foods such as coffee beans, which it does a touch coarsely. The bowl and lid simply click very easily into location and the buttons are clearly labelled, even though you do have to use a certain amount of pressure to activate them. The blade also locks into the bowl so there’s no risk of shedding the blade when decanting the contents. If all you want a processor for is to chop an onion this is the design for you.



Magimix 5200Xl Premium Food Processor Satin

Magimix have a loyal following and chances are if you had one in your family home, you’ve either got one ore are saving up for one. They’re twice the price of most other models on the market, but do they live up to their promises? The answer is an unequivocal yes. This has a mighty 1100W motor, which comes with a 20-year guarantee and automatically adjusts for the task needed. Having said that it’s super fast; 10 seconds extra whizzing and you’ll go from chopped onions to onion juice. The wider feed slot is brilliant for slicing things like cabbage for coleslaw, and it also means a lot of things can be sliced in half and popped through, saving time. It comes with a citrus press, which in reality is a bit laborious unless you have 10 lemons to juice! It also comes with a brilliant dough hook, which made the lightest of doughs and a fantastic egg whisk, which is ideal for creating fluffy whites. It’s big so you will need the space, however if you want a machine you’ll ‘grow into’ it’s worth the investment.


Kenwood FPM810 MultiPro Sense Food Processor

Ahead of I get started I should say don’t even consider of acquiring this equipment until you have storage the volume of attachments is brain-boggling! As properly as the usual grating and slicing discs, it will come with a blender, twin-geared metal whisk and folding resource to title but a few. Obtaining mentioned that, every single attachment really is brilliant. The metallic whisk incorporates much more air into the mix (individually I consider it is far better than a meals mixer for this), plus the blender copes with sizzling meals and tends to make the very best soups. As for its fundamental functions, I identified it easy to assemble with an effortless-to-run handle dial. It is marginally slower at grating and slicing than other types, even although it has a 1000W motor, but slices evenly and created the ideal pastry by far. The built-in scales are a wonderful touch and save on the washing up, which is constantly a reward! It has a functioning bowl potential of litres so there is no need to have to do stuff in batches. A wonderful all-rounder.